1157568_10153241196905237_985291467_nI am delighted that Alex Poulton has asked me to write the first blog on his website. I feel very privileged to be involved with this new company Clear View Arts. Alex has the vision and the commitment to make it work, as well as great talent as a singer, composer and teacher.

My own work as a theatre director, writer and filmmaker spanned over twenty years. I was the founder and director of award winning theatre and film companies, Turning Point Theatre and Buzzword Interactive Films.

I now concentrate on writing novels, though I occasionally still dip my toe into film. It was through this medium that I became acquainted with Alex. He commissioned me to put together a short film as a back projection to a series of concerts.

logocolortextbelowMy current small film company Turnaround Films produced a fifteen minute film using the lyrics of the work, Fete Galantes Series 1 and 11 by Debussy as the story line. I worked with Jack Oliver, a talented young cinematographer and editor. Alex also gave the opportunity to act in the film to two young local actors. Though still at school, they were so talented and easy to direct.

Thanks Jack Oliver for all your hard work! Thanks also to Dottie Holland and Pascal Bisson and the crew.

A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to keep singing! Music has always been in my life and I worked as a professional singer early on in my career. Alex became my teacher and inspired me to continue, even though I considered myself a little long in the tooth! No such opinion from Alex. He was hugely encouraging and allowed me to pursue my great love, opera.

Learning opera arias is no mean feat. But the joy and satisfaction this challenge gave me was worth all the hours spent with earphones stuck to my head and a score open in front on me on the breakfast table.

I am certain that CLEAR VIEW ARTS will be an exciting and innovative venture and if you are reading this blog, I urge you to keep checking the website for updates and information on workshops and performances.

LYN FERRAND  www.lynferrand.com